F&P360: A robust culture solution

Are you struggling to demonstrate the FCA’s 4 drivers of culture within your organisation? 

We know that demonstrating culture can be a challenge. That’s why we built a ‘healthy’ culture into our solution as standard. F&P360 allows you to record, promote and audit all 4 drivers – purpose, people, governance and leadership. Best of all, they’re automatically recorded whilst managing your HR and compliance, so you don’t have to invent new processes yourselves.

F&P360 for Culture

Improving culture within financial services is a high priority for the FCA. Here is how F&P360 helps your workplace manage and demonstrate a ‘healthy’ culture:


  • Record and promote your purpose statement visibly for all employees
  • Record your values, include these in employee onboarding 
  • Assess and record values fit/match as part of annual reviews
  • Enjoy total flexibility of embedding your purpose and values throughout your employee lifecycle process


  • Offer a robust process to speak up and flag bad behaviours
  • Demonstrate full transparency over issues and resolutions
  • Demonstrate specifics on how diversity and inclusion is promoted within your organisation
  • Record and audit all aspects of D&I


  • Manage approvals 
  • Manage board and committee roles
  • Manage the delegation process
  • Transparently record decision making processes
  • Compile evidence


  • Transparently demonstrate leadership behaviours 
  • Demonstrate embedding SMCR and ‘healthy’ culture by owning and showing others in your business that completeness of record keeping is important
  • Record and showcase personal commitment of leadership with attestations to encourage the trickle down effect