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Are your HR processes handled by various disjointed software solutions? Are you struggling to demonstrate that the drivers of culture are embedded in the fabric of processes and record-keeping?
Are you managing your SMCR compliance with dozens of spreadsheets?

These processes can be difficult and time consuming, and if they’re not completed correctly, your organisation and individuals could be at the risk of regulatory breaches, negative publicity and even financial penalties, not forgetting the costs and stress of dealing with regulatory scrutiny.

Knowing the damaging consequences of these risks led us to create F&P360, a powerful workflow-based employee culture solution that empowers HR teams and individual employees. Built on the world’s number one CRM, Salesforce, F&P360 helps you manage HR and culture processes and demonstrate SMCR compliance within your organisation, all in one centralised platform.

  • No more relying on spreadsheets
  • No more wasted time on administrative tasks
  • Focus on the business of your business

Here’s how F&P360 streamlines processes as an SMCR, HR and culture solution for your firm.

SMCR solution

  • Be and remain in compliance with SMCR
  • 100% identification of individuals in SMCR roles and responsibilities at all times
  • Trigger events (‘F&P red flags’) identified from processes that track steps (identifying and confirming misconduct) to resolution
  • Oversee what has been delegated by senior management and manage actions and deliverables
  • Integral initial and annual fit and proper assessment processes and records (including vetting & certification) for all relevant employees 
  • Provide a clear link between CPD, the suite of training available including financial & non-financial conduct scenarios and competency
  • Regulatory reference and job role templates maintained 
  • FCA directory and register data maintained (and easily connectable to FCA Connect)
  • Includes customisable dashboards and reports for individuals, managers and the firm

HR solution

  • Integrate processes and records relating to the employee life cycle, from hiring or change through to leaving the firm
  • Manage recruitment and employee change workflows
  • Completeness of records & monitor your personnel development process
  • Manage disciplinary process arising from trigger event record
  • HR administration like holiday and absence records management
  • Analytics rich, including D&I and GDPR data for all employees & candidates

Culture solution

  • Demonstrate leadership behaviours
  • Instil purpose and values in your processes
  • Manage governance and evidence
  • Manage CPD drivers, learning outcomes and evidence attained
  • Enable healthy culture indicators like ‘speak out’ or ‘inclusion’ challenge through processes flows

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What makes us different

Understanding the needs of your firm and offering a bespoke solution to these needs is central to our ethos.

We’re a one-stop-shop solution

  • Business processes and regulation all in one place
  • Evidence-driven SMCR components enable you to keep compliant
  • Highly configurable solutions that make F&P360 suitable for all sizes of Core firms
  • Expert training and consultancy available during implementation or as standalone services
  • LMS app offers access to a full range of SMCR, culture and HR topic training courses, with a strong focus on conduct and individual accountability

We make knowing YOU our business

  • Focused on meeting your needs as an SMCR Core firm
  • UK-based support team for prompt responses
  • Our clients directly influence the roadmap for product updates
  • Our solution is customisable to your business
  • Our change management team are experts in rolling out a people or culture change programme
  • We can also help with your onboard facilitation, values development or 360 design

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